Rome, 25 March 2017

On the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome


For 60 years the European Communities and then the European Union have helped ensure Europe’s peace, prosperity and progress. Europe has guaranteed peace and the rule of law after centuries of wars. Europe has been the driver of democracy for European countries escaping dictatorships and totalitarianism. Europe has been crucial for the economic and social progress of European countries over the decades. Europe has inspired other regions of the world in their search for unity and modernity. Yet, Europe remains an incomplete construction at risk of collapsing if not completed without delay.

Faced with a struggling economy and fading influence in a globalised world dominated by continental powers, we Europeans cannot close ourselves within national borders hoping to fence problems off. European states will have no future if they remain divided and compete with each other instead of standing united. Going back to nationalism will weaken us all. We can stand up to European challenges only together, by completing Europe’s political unity.

We call on the Heads of State and Government meeting in Rome on 25th March 2017 to approve a roadmap to relaunch and complete Europe’s economic and political unity.

As the European Union has a single currency, the Euro, there should be a European economic policy with European own resources to modernise and relaunch the European economy. As the European Union has a common external border, it should be managed jointly by a European border force. As wars and instability afflict the regions around Europe, European defence forces should protect Europe, help to pacify our neighbourhood and contribute to managing international crises and conflicts. As threats of international terrorism and international crime increase, they should be prevented and combated through European cooperation and with European support. As national democracies can’t govern political and economic forces beyond national borders, only a European government and a truly European democracy would allow European citizens to control their own destiny.

For those who believe in a strong, united and democratic Europe, it is time to stand up. Against nationalism and populism. For a Europe of unity against divisions and new walls. For a united Europe that delivers on its promises of peace, freedom, security, prosperity. For a Europe of solidarity and shared responsibility. For a Europe that protects European interests and values in the world. For a Europe of democracy that empowers European citizens. For a Europe of hope, against a Europe of fear. For a plan to relaunch and complete European political unity.