March For Europe will not succeed without you! We need your help to convince your friends, family and European citizens participate, raise the issues we all care about and hold our governments accountable.


Get Social

Don’t let the populists and eurosceptics take the ground.  Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about the upcoming march and its importance to make sure as many people get informed as possible. Make full use of all your social media presence and share information about the march. Join the conversation on Twitter using #MarchForEurope2017. To get yourself started, visit March for Europe on Facebook and Twitter.


Join Events

Meetings can inspire, but also help to get attention. Be it as an attendee or a speaker, you can always make interventions and ask questions about how to make a strong European union. This way, you can directly reach a large number of decision makers, opinion leaders and general public, who might have never heard about the initiative. If you are yourself organising an event, don’t forget to communicate about the March for Europe. Why not present material to your attendees?


Spread the Word

Silence is deemed approval. To change Europe, you must be willing to speak up. Blog or write an article to your local or national newspaper. Use the momentum to reach out to public via printed and online media, radio or TV, to raise awareness about the initiative and European concerns on Europe. Know that you are not alone in your thinking; by speaking up you might encourage others to voice their opinions as well. If everyone holds back, the bus may silently head over a cliff.  Together, we can increase our presence in media all over Europe. Don’t forget to inform us about your achievements.


Reach out to the authorities

Even if you are not involved in politics, your voice matters. If we share the effort, we can make a difference. Write to the local policy makers and tell them about the March for Europe initiative and our demands. Be courteous, but don’t be intimidated.


Contribute materially

Every bit helps. If you have relevant material from similar activities, don’t hesitate to bring it with you to the march or send it to our local headquarters (flags, banners, megaphone, European-themed clothing). Contact us with your proposals and we will gladly come back to you.


Share your Updates

Share your updates! Let us know how you’re campaigning! Inform us about your events, send us pictures and videos. If your article got published in the biggest and most read newspaper, don’t be shy. Share your success stories and achievements! Email us at info[at] and your updates might get featured on the website. We want to make sure everyone gets to know!